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Information sheet for the Summer Research Project - It'll 'grease' the wheels of learning!

American Vietnam War Website

Introduction to the French Revolution

Exam advice and exam papers
French Papers

Vietnam Papers

Vietnam Mark scheme

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Year 12

France in Revolution 1774-1815

Monarchy to Republic - Module 2

The Terror and the Directory - Module 3

Napoleon's domestic control Module 4

The USA and Vietnam 1961-1975

Mark schemes for Vietnam with peer and self assessment You'll find lots of info on Vietnam here - It's not A Level standard but great for getting started.

The background to the Cold War and all you need to know to understand the wider context from 1945 onwards.

Ambassador Lodge and his role in Vietnam - the ARVN Coup and the Overthrow of Diem

Kennedy, Lodge and Diem's assassination
Kennedy Assassination

Reading to support the debate: What if Kennedy had lived?

Advice on source and knowledge based questions!

Who was Lyndon B. Johnson?

Read over the 1/2 term, it's great!

Read this for an overview of the Vietnam War - We use these in class.

Paris Peace Accords This a great article explaining the sham behind the peace treaty.

Year 13 (From September 2014)

Summer Task for 2015

British State and People 1865-1915

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Mark schemes and essay cover sheets for the Britain course:

Reform Acts of 1867 and 1884



British Foreign Policy


History Coursework: Russia 1866 to 1966

AQA Year 13 Controlled Assessment advice and examples

Russian Leaders and their backgrounds

2014's Yr13 presentation on Communist Nature of Government

Historiography advice
Discussion of Russian historiography

Russian reading list