The social movements in Russia are considered by Dr Jane McDermid in this text taken from a lecture by her....

If you click on the following link and scroll down the page you'll find two lectures on Stalinist Russia. Enjoy!Making of the Stalinist state parts 1 & 2

Imperial Russia (The period just before yours)

Here are the lyrics for 'Alexander II and Alexander III’s Economy: The Song' (S. Bonsall):

...and here is the song!

Further reading ...
The impact on the Ukranian population by Stalinist actions

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Stalin's Gulags

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Marx ...

Lenin and the peasantry

Khrushchev and Stalin

The diceman cometh!....... . Please find the the templates for the Russian dice game. Fun for all the family.

Series of Lecture Notes

Russia Synoptic Markschemes

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