Students at Allestree Woodlands School study the complex nature of the Vietnam War, using a variety of articles and extracts from a wide range of authors. The five topic areas that pupils can investigate are listed below:

1- Reasons for America's growing involvement, culiminating in major military commitment in and after 1975.
2- The role of American domestic policies at the time and during the course of war.
3- The reasons why the USA lost the war.
4- What of the importance of a less American-centred view of the War?
5- The larger debate over the role and place of the Vietnam War in American foreign policy and the Cold War.

Reading list for the course essays....

Here's a PowerPoint which gives you an overview of the Vietnam conflict.

LOOK HERE... A huge list of books but also on-line access the Foreign Relations of the United States 1964-1968. Vietnam (5 vol 1992-2002) LOOK HERE

Please find below some excellent websites and articles which help to unlock the complexities of America's involvement in a 20 year conflict:

Johnson and Vietnam

The impact of Vietnam of soldiers

Film, Text and Radio Archives from America This is contains the Prelinger Archive which you can download for free original government and TV broadcasts.

Pictures for Vietnam

Find out what the American Foreign Policy was click on Domino Theory and go from there...

Views of an American Vet...

A superb site with links to lots of other websites. Initial content aimed at GCSE students but a cracking place to start.

This site offers essays and papers on Vietnam

Here is list of other Vietnam websites
A very comprehensive site for weblinks to other Vietnam websites
Looking for a pro or anti-Vietnam film? Here's a list of them.